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Summer Camp

Ozanna Foundation runs a summer camp from July 11th to August 19th, 2022. You are welcome to register your children between the ages of 4 to 15 years to play with their peers. We have an experienced and resourceful team that takes good care of your children in a supervised environment.

The children will enjoy activities that will engage and enhance the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional aspects of their development. Some of the activities are field trips to attraction centers in Manitoba, sporting programs, talent shows, leadership training, and many more.

The registration fee is $30 per child. Payment can be made through Interac E- transfer to Or mail it to Ozanna Foundation 241 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg MB R2L 1M1 


Please DOWNLOAD and FILL out the

registration form below. Then send it to   



We run an after-school program for children and teens. This program is tailored to reinforce the learnings of the children and to help hone their individual skills and talents. This will also create an avenue for the parents and guardians to have free evenings to themselves.



OZANNA FOUNDATION provides children and families access to counselling services. This may help strengthen the child and parent relationship - resulting in better outcomes of the children. Please contact us if you need counselling, we will be happy to connect you with the right counselor.



Ozanna Foundation supports the resettlement of children from developing countries into Canada due to war, tribulation, abuse, or other situations that put a child in danger.


Family Empowerment

Families are welcome to sign up for trade seminars and DIY orientation. This will help reduce expenses on petty workmanship fees. Parents may also wish to further their skills to the professional stage in their chosen trade.

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