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Why Should Anyone Give to Children Foundation?

There is a myriad of charitable foundations in the world. This makes it daunting for anyone to choose which one deserves their donation. However, children are one of the most vulnerable groups in the world. Many of them are at risk of several cases of abuse including emotional, economic, and sexual. Given the strict regulations and quasi-economic stability in western countries, child abuse is still occurring. Meanwhile, child abuse takes a barbaric form in Africa, and perpetrators are seldom brought to justice.

Ozanna foundation adopts initiatives that focus on adopting children who have suffered extreme abuse such as forced early marriage, genital mutilation, and those traumatized by war. All donations received towards our initiatives are carefully appropriated for the cause.

If you are led to give please see the instruction below:


Cheque: Ozanna Foundation. 241 Henderson Highway Winnipeg Manitoba R2L 1M1

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